Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if I believe NCS IP Solutions has contacted me in error?
  • Please contact us immediately at or dial 941-371-9900.  Kindly be prepared to provide our file number, your name and company contact information.

What if someone else created my company's website?

  • If no licenses for use of the images from our client exist, the end user is responsible to ensure that images that appear on a website are properly licensed.  If this situation applied to your company, please contact the third-party designer to inquire if there are any licenses from our client for the specific use of the images in question.  If a third party who supplied the images is willing to resolve this matter, that third party may contact NCS IP Solutions on your behalf.

I found the images on the Internet for the Getty Images website; aren't these free or "Royalty-Free" images?

  • Although we understand you may have believed the images were available for free use, all images represented by our clients require an appropriate license for their use.  "Royalty-Free" does not mean that the images are free; it is an industry phrase that refers to a licensing model where the user pays once and has the continuing right to use the image without additional royalty payments.  In any event, the images in question are not available from our client under a royalty-free licensing model.

What if I remove the image(s)?  Could I simply consider this matter closed?

  • While we appreciate the removal of our represented images from your website, removal of the images alone does not settle the matter.  Since your company has already infringed by using the images without a valid license, our client is bound by their agreement with the photographers they represent.

I do not want to redesign our site with new imagery.  Can I pay the amount due for for the previous use and purchase a new license so that I can continue to use it?

  • Yes, we would be happy to assist you in this effort.  Once the prior unlicensed use has been settled, we will help you license the images properly.  The only circumstance in which we would not be able to issue a license for future use is if another customer has purchased exclusive rights to the same image that clash with your desired use.

The image didn't have a watermark.  How was I supposed to know that the image was copyrighted?

  • In 1976 when the US Copyright Code was revised, it was determined that copyright exists the moment a work such a photograph is created.  There is no requirement for a watermark or identifying feature.  Permission from the photographer or a valid license from a company that represents that photographer is required in order to avoid any claim.